MealBaby Stories

The word is out – people heart MealBaby! As you’ll read below, people are using MealBaby in a variety of situations. But the outcome is the same: communities of people that are able to help one another in a way that is free and easy. Share your own story by emailing us at

Great site and a wonderful service!!! It will be greatly appreciated by us all as our new grandson recovers from surgery!!The Kerby and Holen Households
The simple act of bringing a meal to a new mom is so helpful and now MealBaby makes organizing those meals simple too! I am currently organizing meals for three different friends with new babies and am so glad the days of “reply to all” emails are gone!! Mealbaby has made it so quick and easy and has great features like automatic email reminders! Thanks for creating such a great site!!Emily M.
I LOVE this program. I recently lost my very good friend and this program allowed me to place together different groups of friends to help her husband and children out with meals. This is a huge blessing!!!Debi P.
This is a wonderful website and so many are excited to use it and help this family. These meals are making all the difference for the parents who are having a tough time coping with the diagnosis.Daniella R.
Just wanted to let you know that I love your website service. I was organizing meals for folks via email before this, and this has made my job much easier!Tracy M.
I LOVE your site. I am a nursery director for a church and organize meals for new moms. This site has saved me countless hours of email swapping. Thanks!Meredith F.
We have been doing meal planning at our church for around 8 years now. We have used more traditional ways, sign ups, word of mouth and emailing. With much pushing I have been asked to use an “online” calendar. After much searching I have found yours to be sweet and simple…exactly what I was looking for.Jennifer S.
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