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Well, hello there, and welcome to, not only the new face of MealBaby, but to the all-new, redesigned, and re-purposed MealBaby blog.

I’m happy you’ve joined us, just as I’m happy that our new baby girl Sailor has just joined our family. In the weeks preceding her birth, I spent time birthing some new ideas for the MealBaby blog. And now, finally, both their times have come.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Ginger, and my husband TJ and I started MealBaby back in 2008. We wanted a way to help connect friends and families who desire to help those who are dear to them. We saw a need to organize meals in a centralized way after someone has a baby or surgery or a passing in their family, and we dreamed up a way to help. And now we get to be an indirect part of “rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn,” as meals are delivered all over the country day in and day out. For those of you who’ve participated in a MealBaby registry in any way at all, thank you. Thank you for the blessing you’ve been to others and thank you for trusting us to help along the way.

TJ and I have four children: Bauer (9), Cash (6), Story (3), and our newest darling Sailor (born this past weekend). I spend most of my time these days preparing meals, managing our household, making lists, working on being a better mom, and trying to slow down. I love the summer, and Mr. Sun and I have a 2 pm backyard date nearly every afternoon when the munchkins are either sleeping or still at school. I sit out there and read and think and pray, and that is how I make it through my days.

I turned 35 this past July and I always like to be an odd age better than an even one. I love riding my bike, taking walks, and reading, and my favorite color is, and always shall be, blue. I enjoy making everyday meals and sharing them with others (both in recipe form and prepared form), but I still get freaked out at having to prepare special occasion food for holiday dinners and birthday parties. I still need lots of practice at letting go of things and accepting the truth of Richard Rohr’s words: “What is, is the great teacher.” 

But for the here and now, at MealBaby, I look forward to sharing various How To’s, including topics like recipes, kitchen tips, organizational ideas, and more. Please feel free to jump into the conversation at any time, with your comments and questions. It’s probably true that this little blog isn’t going to change the world all that much, but it might change the world for one person. Maybe it’s you, or me, or the person we take a meal to. So in the spirit of wanting my little life to bless yours, I say a hearty Hello and look forward to seeing you here again very soon.

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