How to Make a Meal Delivery Box

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We have been the lucky and grateful recipients of so many wonderful meals from so many wonderful friends in these past six weeks since giving birth to our daughter Sailor.

All of the meals have been very good, but my friend Tammy wins the award for best presentation. She came over on Friday afternoon, bearing a big box that looked like this:


It’s one of those big produce boxes like you get at Costco if you don’t bring your own bags and want something to carry your stuff out in. Tammy lined the inside of the box with a purple plastic tablecloth and then filled the box to overflowing with all kinds of goodies.

The meal itself was white chicken chili with an arugula/dried blueberry/candied pecan salad. There was a pack of shredded cheese and a bag of chips for the chili, and a container of blue cheese and bottle of salad dressing for the salad. Also included were two great desserts: gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate almonds sprinkled with sea salt. I love that Tammy knew that these Trader Joe’s chocolate almonds are a family favorite!


Besides the food, the Meal Delivery Box held small wrapped gifts for the three Big Sibs, plus a baby gift for Sailor. I love getting gifts that are personalized with Sailor’s name, and I can’t wait till she has her own room to hang this in.


And last, but not least, were these gorgeous sunflowers in a blue-tinted glass mason jar with pebbles at the bottom. Tammy didn’t even know when she packed these flowers that we were having a house showing later that afternoon, but they sure brightened up our kitchen and have been shining ever since.


So I’m sending out a big thank you to Tammy for her very generous gifts, including the Meal Delivery Box idea itself. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because now I can put together one of these boxes the next time I make a meal to deliver, and you can too!

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