Home Delivered Meals

MealBaby has partnered with MagicKitchen.com to allow our users who do not have the option to cook a meal themselves to still be able to provide a prepared meal for a friend or family member in need.


If you are looking to send a meal gift to the parents of a newborn, to someone who is experiencing an illness or to someone who is grieving, MagicKitchen.com, is here to serve your needs! The meal gifts are chef-prepared in their USDA-approved kitchen and they ship anywhere in the continental United States. They have several meal packages to meet almost any need.

Whether you are not geographically close to the recipient, you don't have the time, or you simply don't care for cooking, MagicKitchen.com is at your service to help you send a delicious, gourmet meal to your friend or family member.

Visit MagicKitchen.com for more information.