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We are TJ and Ginger Friesen, and we had the idea for MealBaby in 2006. We were living in Orlando, FL, at the time, and I (Ginger) had been emailed by a friend of mine to see if I would help out a friend of hers who had recently had a baby by taking a meal to her. Of course, I wanted to help, but I remember thinking that the whole email method of getting people on board to help with meals seemed so outdated, like there had to be a better way to coordinate things like this. We did some research and could not find any website or online program that was filling this need for meal coordination. And then we thought, maybe that means we should start something ourselves.

So MealBaby was born in our minds then, and took nearly two years to get from the idea stage to the actual working website. We were able to launch the site in August 2008 when our second son was born. It was a wonderful experience to be able to keep everything organized on a meal calendar and to see the ease with which people were able to come to our aid with home-cooked meals and restaurant gift cards. And we were even more excited that we could now offer this service to the world, and not just to new moms, but really to anyone going through a time of transition or hardship who might benefit from having meals delivered to them.

Fast forward a decade, and we are now a family of six (our four kids are ages 11, 8, 5, 2). We spent eight years living in Illinois and have now been in South Carolina for over two years. MealBaby has grown beyond our wildest imagination. People all over the US, Canada, and even in various countries around the world use MealBaby on a daily basis. Meal registries are being set up continuously, which means thousands of meals are being cooked and served daily. What a blessing to know that so many people are being taken care of in a tangible way and MealBaby gets to help in that regard.

In case you’re curious about the name MealBaby, we chose this name because the word “baby” is a term of endearment, and our desire is for MealBaby to allow people to help those who are dear to them. MealBaby can be used in many ways, on many occasions: after the birth or adoption of a baby; during times of recovery following surgery or illness; as a means of grief care after the loss of a loved one; during a time of transition such as job loss, divorce, or housewarming; or for any other occasion which merits lending a helping hand or calls for the organization of meals. Don’t let the word “baby” limit your use of the site because that was not our intention and we have heard from many users who have found the site extremely helpful during occasions such as those listed above.

For additional personal stories and connections to our family, you can check out the MealBaby Blog. I welcome you to come take a look and jump into the conversations we’re having there. You’ll find great new recipes to try, kitchen tips, organizational ideas, and more. Or if you’re looking for even more content, come visit me at gingerfriesen.com, my personal blog where Writing is My Way. Wherever we meet, I sincerely welcome you to the MealBaby family. Let’s care, and share, and dare to let our little lives bless one another’s.

We believe that community is important. We believe that new moms and dads are important. We believe in helping people recovering from surgery or going through a time of grief or other hardship. We believe that sometimes people simply need the support of family and friends.

We believe that MealBaby is making this a reality. For people all across the country who need a little TLC during a time of transition or difficulty, MealBaby enables friends and family members, both local and long-distance, to sign up to bring a home-cooked meal or to purchase a restaurant gift card or chef-prepared meal gift as a way to provide a much-needed respite from the daily grind of cooking.

We have all been in a place where a friendly familiar face stopping by our door with a yummy lunch or dinner means the world. And we often have wanted to repay others with the same sort of gesture when they need it most. But we are busy people and sometimes these good intentions turn out to be, well, good intentions and nothing more. Now, with the help of MealBaby’s easy registration process and calendar planning tools, anyone can turn good intentions into a delicious, heartwarming reality.

In the process, we strengthen our own local communities, friendships, and families. We get to bless others as we have been blessed. As Anne Lamott says, “Love looks like kindness,” and this, we believe, is one of our highest privileges in life: to love and be kind to each other.

We hope that you find MealBaby to be a unique and easy way to experience a deeper sense of connection to those you care about. If you do, please let us know by sharing your story with us at mystory@mealbaby.com.

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